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23-24 August 2024

Venue to be Announced


The Future of Agile


23-24 AUGUST 2024

Venue: To be announced


The theme of this year’s gathering is The Future of Agile. Over the last decade, the surge of interest in Agile has led to the proliferation of numerous frameworks falling under its umbrella. This, compounded by the complexities of the "Agile Industrial Complex", has made navigating agility challenging for both aspiring changemakers and companies alike. Despite these hurdles, a definitive vision for the future of Agile has yet to emerge.

Today, at the foremost gathering of changemakers in Southeast Asia, we aim to provide that vision.

Welcome to Regional Scrum Gathering™ Singapore 2024.

Scrum Alliance members earn 16 SEUs for attending the conference.

Call for Proposals

Call for Proposals

We are now accepting submissions for presentations and discussions on the following themes:

Forging the Future of Agile.
Shaping the Future of Agile.
Nurturing the Future of Agile.

Call for Proposals closes on 30 June 2024, SST (UTC+08:00).


Marc Gong

Marc Gong
Event Organiser
Agile Singapore

Peter Loke

Peter Loke
Assistant Organiser
Agile Singapore

Helena Brandejsova

Helena Brandejsova
Agile Singapore


Chanikarn Sukmonkongsamoe
Agile Singapore, Agile66


Napapat Pongsripetch
Agile Singapore, Agile66

Conference Chairs

Victor Loke

Victor Loke

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Organisational Coach and Industry Trainer

Founder and CEO, Visionary Agility

Organiser, Agile Singapore

Abhi Menon

Abhilash Menon

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Product Leader, CSIT

Co-organiser, Agile Singapore

Stuart Turner

Stuart Turner

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Founder and Principal, Holistic Agility

Advisory Board Member of The Open Leadership Network


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